Toritaka Miyu

Kuni Witch Hunter


Kuni Ken’o is a witchhunter of the Crab clan. He was a loner as most withchunters and his jurisdiction had been the Crane lands since he was trained and released by his own master. For years he wandered the Crane lands hunting remnants of Bloodspeakers who hid there. One year he thought he had caught the trail of a slippery one whose seemed intent on creating cursed nemuranai. He followed the trail back towards the Crab lands and into the lands of the minor clan known as the Falcon. It was after his battle with the Maho Tsukai, one in which he was wounded by a cursed nemuranai, that he met her.

her name was Toritaka Sachi. She was one of those who hunted ghosts and In her he found a kindred spirit. She aided him in the battle and after saving his life, she took him to her home and nursed him back to health over the course of the winter. For the first time in his life he knew happiness and contentment. When winter ended, however, his wounds healed he left to pick up the trail of his quarry.

Many years passed. Word came through to Ken’o that a pupil has arrived at Kyuden Hida declaring to follow the Witch hunter profession and that this young Samurai-ko wished to train with only one master. When he heard her name he knew she was his daughter. The Kuni daimyo, insisted that not only should Ken’o take on a pupil but that he would take on two. His years of chasing Bloodspeakers were important. His knowledge about their cults and ways was greater than any other Witch hunter and could not be lost with his death.

Toritaka Miyu proved to be an apt pupil. He would spare her no favor, however. In fact, her training was harder than the training of her fellow student. He could see the hurt in her eyes and the jealous pangs as the other student, also a Shugenja, picked up many of the Witchunter techniques so easily. She tried to listen for and speak to the kami but her gifts lie in the bow and the katana. When their gempukku came the shugenja scored higher than she did though in the eyes of the teacher her spirit and indominable will to never give up showed that her heart truly lie with the Crab. Ken’o insisted that they needed each other and though the instinct of most Witchhunters was to fight and hunt alone, that the two of them spend the first tour of duty, a 5 year tour, together.

Then the Clan wars came. The Crane lands were constantly under the assault of the Lion clan. Still, Otosan Uchi lie at the heart of Crane lands and it was to that fable city that the Crab armies were marching. When the Kuni Daimyo requested of Ken’o to share his knowledge of the Crane lands he refused. He chose duty over Glory or power. Ken’o would stay and fight at the wall and train future Witchhunters as he was nearing the age of retirement. He did, however, pledge that his pupils would ride forth with the armies to aid the Crab and provide knowledge of the Crane lands.

Toritaka Miyu, his daughter would stand in for him. He taught her all he could of the ways and lands of the Crane. He gave her the magistrate seal that would grant her passage through the lands of the crane so long as she swore to hunt the taint wherever it may lie. Then word came that a Witchunter was needed to watch over a noble member of the house of Hida. the task would not be simple. The Witchhunter was to respect the lordling but to ensure that should his taint get out of control, he was to be put down. Until then, he was to be used like all others in the war to save the empire. Miyu swore to uphold the oath of fealty to the Crab as well as to the Witchhunters. The lordling would be watched. Her knowledge would be shared and the Crab would prevail.

Toritaka Miyu

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